Tender Feeling

I can't conceal the tender feeling
Now that you are close to me
I look at you with tender feeling
And can't help kiss you tenderly

I offer you a true devotion
All life through my love I vow
For this is real, this sweet emotion
This tender feeling I have now

Somehow I knew from the moment our lips first met
You'd be the girl I could never forget
No other love could be appealing
I loved you right from the start
And with each kiss I'll keep revealing
The tender feeling in my heart

Recorded: 1963/09/29, first released on Kissin' Cousins




Die Songwriter sind Bill Giant, Bernie Baum und Florence Kaye

Album: Kissin`Cousins

Elvis singt das Lied im Film Kissin`Cousins

Aufnahmedatum: 29.09.1963 ( Rhythmus Spur ) - Radio Recorders, Hollywood, Clifornia

10.10.1963 ( stimmliche Übersynchronisierung ) - M.G.M. Soundstage, Hollywood, California



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