One Boy Two Little Girls

One boy, two little girls
Three hearts yearning for love
Although it's hard to explain
I know it may sound insane
But this one boy loves two little girls
Folks say three is a crowd
To each boy, one girl's allowed
But right now I'm having such fun
I just can't give up either one
'Cos this one boy loves two little girls.

There will come a time, I'll have to settle down
But until that time I love two girls hanging around
Now one day I must decide which one I'll choose for my bride
But till we three must part
I've twice as much love in my heart
'Cos this one boy loves two little girls




Die Songwriter sind Bill Giant, Bernie Baum und Florence Kaye

Elvis singt das Lied im Filn Kissin`Cousins von 1964

Album: Kissin`Cousins, Double Features: Kissin`Cousins - Clambake - Stay Away Joe,

Essential 60`s Masters II

Aufnahmedatum: 29.09.1963 ( Rhythmus Spur ) - RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee

10.10.1963 ( stimmliche Übersynchronisation ) - MGM Soundstage, Hollywood, California

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