Moonlight Swim

Let's go on a moonlight swim
Far away from the crowd
All alone upon the beach
Our lips and our arms
Close within each other's reach
Will be on a moonlight swim

Let's go on a moonlight swim
To the raft we can race
After just a little while
I'll sit and pretend
That you're on a desert isle
With me on a moonlight swim

Though the air is cold
With kisses oh so sweet
I'll keep you warm
So very warm from head to you feet

Let's go on a moonlight swim
We're in love and above
There's a crazy balloon
That sits winking down
And inviting us to come on in
On a moonlight swim




Die Songwriter sind Sylvia Dee und Ben Weisman

Album: Blue Hawaii

Elvis singt das Lied im Film Blue Hawaii von 1961

Aufnahmedatum: 22.03.1961 - Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California


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