Kissin' Cousins (Nr. 2)

Cousins, kissin' cousins
Kissin's allowed 'cos we're proud to be cousins
What's a little teasin', huggin' and a-squeezin'
Between us cousins.
Oh it's so great to be one big family
And we show it, yes we show it
You see, we never feud, we're a happy brood
Folks all know it, yes they know it

Cousins, kissin' cousins
Honey we dress and we mess
We're just cousins,
Cousins, kissin' cousins
Cousins, kissin' cousins




Die Songwriter sind Bill Gigant, Bernie Baum und Florence Kaye

Aufnahmedatum: 29.09.1963 ( Rhytmus Spur ) - RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee

10.10.1963 ( stimmliche Übersynchronisierung ) - MGM Soundstage, Hollywood, California

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