Dieses Gedicht schenkte Elvis Lisa Marie.

Es wurde 1971 von Janelle McComb geschrieben.



The Priceless Gift


 Birthdays are always special, as fourth one comes to you,

and I wondered what I`d give you, just anything wouldn`t do.

I thought of childish treasures, to hang upon your wall

Yet nothing seemed appropriate, or none I could recall.

Money seemed so cold and fleeting, bought treasures go so fast.

And I wanted a gift to please you, and one that would also last.


 You know you`re sort of special, you are really all we`ve got.

You`re Mama`s bit of heaven, and Daddy`s tiny tot.

I closed my eyes, the years rolled by, and I slowly found my way.

To a shadowed corner in the attic, `t was a link to my yesterday.

I raised the lid to a frayed old trunk, and there a priceless treasure lay.

A tattered apron with strings still tied, and I knew I heard her say.


 I always tried to guide your life, with these worn out apron strings.

They guided a man named Lincoln, as he steered the ship of state.

It`s the only gift I gave you, that will never go out of date.

Apron strings changed the course of history as great men felt their tug.

They followed sons onto battle fields, without the slightest shrug.


 They guided both kings and beggars, through harmony and strife.

Son, you surely must have felt their tug, for how God has blessed your life.

I bowed my head and said a prayer, for I knew God had surely touched.

A tattered old trunk so tucked away, and an apron that had meant so much.

So Lisa, I give you the "The Priceless Gift", that surpasses all other things.

A whole lifetime of love for you, she tied in her apron strings.




 1971 Janelle McComb

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